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About Us

Back in 1887, our great, great grandmother Margaritha, opened a small butcher shop in Cincinnati. She had one simple rule – treat our customers like family. It was in the back of our Cincinnati butcher shop in 1997 that we first decided to sell our chitterlings through other stores across the Country. Using over 120 years of retail experience, we wanted to sell the same high quality chitterlings that our father – “Uncle Lou” developed many years ago.

As chitlin users know, preparing chitlins has always been a very long and tedious process. Typical chitlins take a very long time to clean and end up with very little usable product. “Uncle Lou” created a chitlin that takes very little time to prepare and cook.

From starting at that one little butcher shop in Cincinnati, Uncle Lou’s is now sold to major retailers and distributors from Coast to Coast. Consumers like the convenience, value, and ease of use they get from our cleaned chitlins. As we continue to grow, we stay focused on the traditions our family business was based on many years ago. We will always strive to have the best quality product, the best value and the best service of anyone in the industry.

Begin your own Family Tradition with the great taste of Uncle Lou’s!



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