Uncle Lou’s Super Premium Chitlins - Pork Chitterlings

For five generations, Louis Foods has meant superior quality, great value, and excellent service. Since 1887, the single-minded rule of the Rothhaas Family has been to treat every customer as a member of the family.

Today, we are pleased to bring that same family commitment of quality and service to you through grocery stores across the country. When you purchase any of our great Uncle Lou’s branded products, we’re confident the 128 years of dedication to you, the customer, will come through in every bite.

Pork Chitlins History and Tradition

Worldwide, animal innards are often coveted as a treasured food in some form or another. Haggis, which is sheep's stomach stuffed with the animal's minced heart, liver, and lungs, is the national dish in Scotland. The French have been known to dine on cow’s brains and kidneys in upscale restaurants. And across Europe, people enjoy cow or ox stomach, known as tripe.  

Here in the United States, that treasured food is chitlins. They are known by many names, including chitterlings or chittlings. Chitlins are the pork large intestines. Typically served as part of a larger meal including traditional southern foods, such as collard greens and fried chicken, chiltlins remain very popular in the U.S., especially during the holiday season. 

In the late 50s and early 60s, a string of music venues in the south that sold chitlins and other soul food dishes became known as the Chitlin Circuit. Without media coverage, these venues were instrumental in providing African American artists a place to perform for their fans. 

Salley, South Carolina boasts the annual Chitlin’ Strut, drawing a crowd of more than 70,000 people. This festival began back in 1966 with about a hundred people and it is estimated that more than 128,000 pounds of chitlins have been consumed there since that inaugural event.

Now, chitlins can be ordered from a butcher, and are also readily available in supermarkets, especially during the holiday season. The key to serving safe and tasty chitlins is in the cleaning, not the cooking (though we have a few chitlins recipes to help you ensure a delicious finished product). Chitlins can be purchased at varying levels of cleanliness. Here at Uncle Lou’s, we are proud to offer super clean pork chitlins for you and your family to make the cleaning process easier than ever.