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  Testimonials for Uncle Lou's Chitlins
Customers are raving about the quality, cleanliness, and taste of Uncle Lou’s Chitlins. We thought we’d share some of the letters we receive.

“Best chitlins I’ve ever had.”

Sharon – Lawrenceville, GA


“I am proud to tell people about your product because they are the best chitlin on the market”



“I bought your product for the first time to make Thanksgiving dinner. I can’t even explain how happy I was with it. My family has now appointed me Chief Chitlin cook for every major holiday get-together.

Phyllis– Bronx, NY


“I started at 6 p.m. with two packages of your product and by 6:36 p.m. I’d gone through each one and used only two paper towels. Boy that is great!”

Joyce - Mansfield, TX


“1st time using Uncle Lou’s. I won’t buy any other brand!”

Pamela– San Diego, CA


“Your chitlins are the cleanest I’ve ever seen. You made my Holiday easier. I will tell my friends.”

Marilyn - Nashville, TN


"Just a word of praise, Wonderful! Have tried other products but they fell short of the mark. Was pleasantly surprised that there was little cleaning and that is what makes preparing this special dish such a hassle in the past. I have recommended your product to other friends and family. Thanks again for making my holiday preparation a bit easier."

Ms. King


“I purchased your extra clean chitterlings and I am a Southern Girl. I really enjoyed them. The Best by far. Please let me know of your other products you sell, and the stores they are sold in. Thank you,”

Diane - Brooklyn, NY


“I want to thank you for making chitlins that I can enjoy cooking and eating. Cleaning is a no no. Don’t have nothing to clean. Keep up the good work. People ask me the name of your product and where to buy them. I am proud to tell them because they are the best chitlin on the market. I love Lou’s Chitlins!”



“I have been fighting with so called cleaned chitlins for years. Tried Uncle Lou’s and was hooked. Not only are they clean but you get more product than liquid. Thanks for a great product."

Wesley - Jonesboro, LA


Thanks for making the best chitlins ever!”

Jim - Los Angeles, CA


“In my 54 years, these are the best I ever had, I was amazed!”

Ophelia - Indianapolis, IN


“Best chitlins I have ever tasted!”

Mrs. Gordon - Chicago, IL


“Very clean chitlins! I buy them in Cincinnati and my sister buys them in Stockton, California."

Doris - Cincinnati, OH


“I believe in Uncle Lou’s! I am telling all of my friends in the military and told my minister where to find your product."

Julie - Bremerton, WA


“Best chitlins ever! I greatly appreciate the quality and wonderful product."

Evelyn - Wichita, KS


“ I would like to comment on how well your Chitlins are the first time I tried them. Also what impressed me is how super clean they are. I bought some more and would recommend them to anybody."

Gail - Balstrop, LA


“Last year I drove to Ohio to purchase your famous chitlins. This year I found them at our local Kroger store. They by far are the best, in the aspect of preparation time and taste. Your product will be the only ones eaten in my household. Thanks and may God continue to bring your fathers tradition more success."

Alonzo - Georgetown, KY


“Best chitlins ever."

Frank - Denver, CO


“This Thanksgiving I purchased Uncle Lou’s Super Clean Chitlins for the first time. I was prepared for hours of cleaning as I have experienced with other pre-cleaned chitlins but to my surprise it only took me 20 minutes to wash four 5lb bags. I was in shock as to how clean they were, my whole family was! I look forward to purchasing your product for my Christmas dinner, also. You saved me hours of food preparation time. Perhaps, I will be able to make a cake from scratch this year because I will definitely have the extra time!"

Tina - Stillwater, OK


“I have purchased your “wrinkles” for quite a while now and have ALWAYS been very pleased with the packaging and content cleanliness. There is VERY little waste. Thank you for the superb, consistent quality. I have always recommended them to others all year long. We eat them ALL year long out here!!!”

Gloria - Hacienda Heights, CA


“Dear Uncle Lou’s, keep up the good work!”

Clarence - St Louis, MO

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